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The method of extraction and the freshness of the input material are the most influential variables that determine the concentrate's output quality; other factors include temperature, purge time, and storage. A Butane/Propane mix is used in the extraction process for shatter and crumble where Propane is used to produce the terpene rich terpene sugar, live resin, terpene sugar wax, and terpene icing.


Terpene Honey  (Propane/Butane)

Terpene Honey (Propane/Butane)

Sugar Wax  (Propane)

Sugar Wax (Propane)

Terpene Icing  (Propane)

Terpene Icing (Propane)



Terpene Sugar  (Propane)

Terpene Sugar (Propane)