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All Blue Roots Cannabis strains have been hand-chosen following an intensive testing period based on factors such as smoking experience, look/smell/taste, sativa/indica dominance, terpene profile variation, growing patterns, THC% averages, and customer request. All Blue Roots flower is hand watered, hand trimmed, and hand packaged to maximize eye-to-flower exposure for increased quality assurance.

The new jars beautifully showcase the flower from all angles and even seem to magnify the product when looking down from the top. For all quality cannabis products it's best to minimize light, humidity, and temperature during storage. Give a gentle twist to the bottom lid to break the perforation around the label.


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Perma Dream

Perma Dream


This duet featuring two sativa all-stars is sure to provide that spark of energy and creativity necessary to solve the world’s problems, or not you’re call.

Flavor: Blueberry genetics give Perma Dream a berry and sugar flavor that lingers in the air and on your tongue.

Sativa: 85% Indica: 15%

Terpenes: A-Pinene, B-Pinene, Limonene

Lineage: Permafrost x Blue Dream

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